"Not only is the universe stranger than what we imagine,
it is stranger than what we can imagine."
Sir Arthur Eddington


Well its October, the tenth month of the year. In the northern temperate zones, the last vestiges of warm summer days dwindle to memories, while early signs of winter hint at things that will come. Leaves show their true colors. Yes, green leaves are not their real color, only the color of chlorophyll in them. Fortunately, they need the chlorophyll in them to live. Put another way, what we see is the life force in leaves, not their true color. Does that schema of being permeate other living things? Do we see the life force in things and not the things themselves?

One can speculate that we only see and understand others thru their life force. Their actions, their beliefs, even their clothing are manifestations of their life force. We take it that these not only define others but, in fact, are the true beings we know. Advertising is premised on this. Buy this or wear that, is tantamount to being this or that. Ideas are marketed to further refine what our life force projects for  others to see. Not projecting the right image? Rebrand! And what we see becomes the foundation and bedrock of identity. Interpolation to related identities spring forth and before you know it, whole worlds exist with details that may, like the color of leaves, be quite convincing.

How can we see true colors? Imagine life in water colors. Would it look like this?

Here in Trinidad, the seasons don't change as dramatically as up north. Times of sunrise and sunsets don't vary more than about an hour from summer to winter. The days remain around 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness year-round. There is the rainier season, heavy showers for the most part, during the summer. Otherwise, we note the seasonal change by the active visitors who come down  during the winter. Cruiser's boats emerge from summer hibernation and start island hopping by the end of the month. Resorts start filling up in inverse relation with air temperature in the north. Last year when we arrived in Antigua in the middle of November, the waterfront restaurants and bars were busy cleaning up and repainting, getting ready for another season.

So, October is the time of change. We will splash Kalunamoo in two weeks and again be afloat in the Caribbean. We will look for true colors as we wander about. October comes to conclusion in the macabre celebration of departing life forces, a reminder perhaps, that our true colors will eventually be revealed, maybe not to our contemporaries, but to a higher power than us (U.S. Supreme Court notwithstanding).  


George & Penny 10/3/2018

Well said Mr. Bill. Hope all is well with you and Maureen. We will be in Prickley Bay December 1.