"Not only is the universe stranger than what we imagine,
it is stranger than what we can imagine."
Sir Arthur Eddington

Two Days Before Christmas

It's two days before Christmas and Maureen and I are in Brooklyn, New York. Kalunamoo is as snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug (or is it as tight-as-a-bight-in-a-kite?) in Jolly (as in Jolly old St. Nick) Harbor, Antigua. Our plan was to fly to New York to spend Christmas and New Year's with family and friends. This was especially so after we saw the price of live Christmas trees advertised in the local supermarket: 6'-8' live Balsam tree $499.95! Ok that is Eastern Caribbean dollars (about U.S. $190.00) but that is still rather steep. Considering that in the tropics it would last about 10 hours, it seemed cheaper to fly to New York to enjoy such a Christmas tradition. And we did.
Dad's Home at Christmas
Dad's Home at Christmas

Since we are here FaceBook has been alive with well wishes and Christmas greetings from our family, cruiser friends and our "landlubber" friends. We too send our greetings to all. It is the season to light a candle in the darkness and to gather round the old eggnog bowl to reminisce, complain about the dismal state of affairs (all but our own), comment on how great everyone looks and how we hope for a better tomorrow. All in good cheer with heartfelt warmth for all.

For those interested I did issue a Yearly Newsletter with some thoughts that may be of interest.

Potos of activities will be posted in FaceBook, as that is the official documentation vehicle for these activities, because if it is not in FaceBook, it did not occur!

Well, that's it for now, as I have to get back to a gathering forming around that eggnog bowl (well to be honest, that may only be my imagination, but this is the best season for imagination).

Merry Christmas to All.