"Not only is the universe stranger than what we imagine,
it is stranger than what we can imagine."
Sir Arthur Eddington

Spread Out a Blanket

It's a New Year and we are back on Kalunamoo in Antigua. Yes, it was great being in New York for Christmas and New Year's, seeing family and friends. Fortunately, it was not bitterly cold, but cold enough that I brought all my long pants (both of them!) and my only pair of sneakers (which weren't worn since the last NY winter) to wear. Maureen was better off but the heavy sweaters at our daughters home were welcomed. My feet don't adapt to anything more than sandals and the many years old sneakers had to be replaced while there. Our winter coats stored at our daughter's house came in handy also. Much food and fun were had and certainly the holidays brighten up the short days of winter.

What better excuse to burn candles and string lights and celebrate life and family than during the darkest days of the year. Yes, these holidays do owe their timing to the dark winter nights, but that is an artifact of the northern latitudes. In New York, the difference in the number of daylight hours between December and June is around 9.5 hours. In other words, there are 9.5 more hours of daylight in June compared to December. In Trinidad the difference is only 1.2 hours. The length of twilight is also around 10 minutes shorter in Trinidad. All this means is the there is no "dark winter nights" in the Islands, not to mention the almost constant temperature year-round. After a few years here the sense of time changes, and a true understanding of"island time" develops.
But Christmas and the seasonal holidays are celebrated as much here as up north, including decorating pine Christmas trees, although almost all of them are the metal or plastic type. Real trees can be had but the deliver cost is rather steep.

Many cruisers from up north do as we did fly to their ancestral roots for the holidays with family. By the first week of January they return and resume the cruising life style. Before heading off in various directions, we gather for sundowners and pot luck dinners. Here in Antigua a number of cruiser friends converged and we managed a few beach BBQ, or bries, jam sessions, and restaurant outings. Is this an endless summer or what? We are not explorers and so travel at our own pace. And that pace seems to be slowing.

At Deep Bay with Rmun Runner, meander and Oasis

A Saturday Night on Green Island with Rum Runner, Oasis, Tegan, Meander and Aria

Lobster bisk on Green Island, thanks to Aria!
Lobster bisk on Green Island, thanks to Aria!

Aboard Aria

Shelly, Brian and Janet
Shelly, Brian and Janet

This seems to be a year of transition. It our sixth year here, we first came to the BVI's in 2013, and maybe that is why it seems that many of the cruisers we met have moved on or have even given up cruising! In any case there are always new people and places to meet and even other areas in the Caribbean to explore. Where ever we end up, we will always be ready to spread out a blanket, sing a song or two and share some time with the friends we meet.