"Not only is the universe stranger than what we imagine,
it is stranger than what we can imagine."
Sir Arthur Eddington

Some Times it Rains

Kalunamoo in Rodney Bay Marina, St. Lucia
Kalunamoo in Rodney Bay Marina, St. Lucia

And some times it pours. Since 2011 we have been living aboard and cruising and we have not had any major disruption in our plans due to illness or major boat problems. We have been very fortunate in that regard as we know many who have not been so fortunate. I suppose that as time goes on, and the older we and Kalunamoo get, the likelihood of that changing increases. Well, we did hit some of that disruption.

Previously on the Blog, as TV series often begins, Maureen was dealing with some sort of growth on her shoulder and after a number of doctor visits in Marie Galante, The Saints and Fort du France we were waiting for a biopsy report due on April 1. Meanwhile, I was replacing our charger/inverter when the generator died. Off to St. Lucia we went where a new generator would be installed.

Now in Rodney Bay Marina, Egbert Charles of Marintek removed the generator and ordered a new Northern Lights 6K. How long will it take to get a new one from Florida? Two weeks. Remember that scene in the movie The Money Pit when Tom Hanks asks the contractor how long will the repairs to his newly bought house take? The contractor said two weeks. Hanks replied, "That would be amazing". The contractor replied, "It would be a miracle!"

The future home of our new generator
The future home of our new generator

Maureen, meanwhile, developed a lower back and knee pain, presumably after a small fall into our dinghy back in Dominica. Her shoulder growth remains. The pain, however, became much more severe and had to be addressed here in St. Lucia. Maureen cannot walk more than 100' before the pain becomes unbearable. Off to the ER of Tapion Hospital, a private hospital in Castries. We chose that as the other hospital, Victoria, is a public one and we figured it would take longer in their ER. Well anyway, it again took all day but they do have all the equipment for exams. The bottom line however was that an MRI would be needed for further evaluation and treatment. At that point we all decided that the best course for us was to fly back to New York and continue treatment there. Maureen was planning on getting a new hip this summer, but it remains to be determined if the knee pain is part of that. As an aside, I mentioned the low cost of the doctor visits, including the ER, in the French islands. Not so much here. At these prices, back to New York!

Maureen will fly to New York tomorrow with the assistance of Lee and Sheryl on Hippocampus who happen to be on the same flight to New York. Lee, a retired neurologist, has been a great help in all this and we appreciate his advice. I will remain with the boat until the new generator is installed and may fly to NY depending on what the situation is.

Sheryl and Lee
In the meantime, our Daughter and son-in-law are planning to come for a visit in mid-April in Martinique. We have arranged that that they still come down and help me sail the boat to Grenada. I can leave the boat there and fly to New York as that was planned months ago. Eventually we will get the boat to Trinidad for the summer.
Will the generator be installed in two weeks? Will Maureen get a new knee and hip? Will Melanie and Dave enjoy the delivery sail to Grenada? Who will stop the rain? Tune into our next episode!


Mulvany, Gregory 3/26/2019

WOW.  What a couple of weeks.  LizAnn and I are keeping you guys in our prayers.  We hope that everything works out and Kalunamoo is back next season better than ever.