"Not only is the universe stranger than what we imagine,
it is stranger than what we can imagine."
Sir Arthur Eddington

Traveling from Trinidad, Bequia Beckons, Making for Martinique, Anticipating Antigua


Getting underway after a long port stay is always a little stressful. Four months in Trinidad, much of it on the hard, is definitely a long port stay. We got our inside deck refinished and many small projects completed, but the hurricane season is ending and it is time to sail north. Boat systems not used for their own purpose wear regardless of use. Contrary to logic, but the less they are used the more problems they cause. It is this that causes the stress of the “break in” first cruise. Break is the operative word.


The Kids at Power Boats
The Kids at Power Boats

Before we set sail from Crews Inn in Charguramas we had some last social events with fellow cruisers. Halloween is not really celebrated in Trinidad but cruisers with kids do make a habit of providing Trick or Treat events for the kids. Eva and Jeff did a great job for their son Kegan and the kids on board Aphrodite at the Roti Hut. Eva spent a day making very tasty and photogenic food for the group. All kids costumes were hand made as was the Huts decorations. It reminded me of when I was kid – no store- bought costumes, just some old clothing, body paint and bag for the treats from the neighbors.


A last jam season at the Roti Hut was salvaged when the lights went out. My drop light served well. I’ll miss the Friday night “gig’ with locals Ian, Noel, the pirate Raga and his dancing queen Catarina. Hopefully they will return next year.


Shark and Bake, Fish Dinner Wednesday’s, Zanziba’s Sunday breakfast and the pool at Crews Inn will also be missed as we leave Trinidad until next year. Thanks to Lee and Sharon on Allegro, we loaded up on diesel fuel ($1.93/gallon!) and propane ($7 for 20 lbs) when we rented a car and went provisioning. We’ll get the wine and cheeses when we hit the French islands.

The weather called for light winds and calm seas, other than a northerly swell for two days before the fall Trade Winds start picking up. We chose the lighter winds as the planned 24-hour sail or motor/sail to Bequia would be our break in cruise. Raising the main sail at the Boca, the traveler was jammed. Break number one, easily fixed with a hammer. With a good motor sail set north and east of Grenada, we left Trinidad at 10AM and watched the island enveloped in dark squall clouds of the afternoon. We were well north and didn’t get any squalls. By nightfall the sky was clear but lightning on the northern horizon was evidence of squalls in the Grenadines. By the way, thunderstorms only occur during the hurricane season (mostly) as most other times squalls with heavy rain and wind predominate.

Rounding Cariacou we headed toward Bequia at sunrise. The wind turned north of east and we set sail east of north. This made us motor sail. The wind built and a dark line of squalls lay between us and Bequia. Winds pick up to 30 knots and we tacked back and forth to get thru the “wall”. Sometime then I noticed a small rip in the main by a sail slide. Break number two (to be fixed in Bequia). With only the main up I didn’t really want to drop it as the combination of engine and main, Kalunamoo is very manageable in squally weather. Fortunately, the rip did not spread as Break number 3 occurred. The Volvo diesel started to emit a shrill noise that I occasionally heard before. I could never figure out where or what it was but cutting back RMP’s stopped it and then after a few minutes we resumed speed without the noise. This internment sound is still a mystery that I need to solve.


We did make Bequia by 1PM, a little slower than expected but satisfied that no major problems surfaced. The Trades are peaking in the next days so we will make the jump to St. Lucia, or Martinique later this week. In the meantime, the 85-degree water temperature on our doorstep is too inviting to ignore.              




III, Miclo 11/6/2019

Glad you had a safe passage! We're now floating at C dock ticking off the list and hoping to get out of here whenever that will be!